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Use this guide to avoid art fees

The saying garbage in, garbage out really applies to art. If you submit a great design but it’s low resolution and very pixelated, it will print horribly. To avoid this, we have put this little list together to help you avoid art fees and have art that prints great on your shirts.

Spot Color Art (art that is made up of solid colors, no shades or gradients) 

All spot color art should be submitted in Vector Format saved as a PDF. We will need 2 files – file 1 should be with your design on the product how you would like it to be printed. File 2 – the vector pdf of your design in the print size you want it printed and in Pantone colors.

You can create your design using a graphics program such as Coreldraw or Illustrator. If you do not have a vector program download Inkscape from https://inkscape.org/

It’s a free vector program.

CMYK Process & Simulated Process Art (Raster Images or Text that has shades and gradients)

This art should be saved as a high-resolution Tiff. If your art is a mixture of raster images and vector text do not group the Text into the image, instead save the file as a PDF. This keeps the integrity of the vector and tiff images.                                                ALL CMYK & Simulated Process Art Designs will incur a $65 separation fee.

Computer Generated Art

All computer generated artwork must be PC based (not MAC) and in vector format, created by a vector-based graphics program such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. Our file format of preference is Corel Draw (cdr) or   .EPS files converted to PDF.

 How to submit your art

When submitting electronic artwork make sure that all text has been converted to curves or outlines and that all outlines are set to scale and when using multiple colors in your design please send 2 files. The 1st file is for reference and needs to be in the colors that you want printed.

For best results please use Pantone Spot colors. We will match ink colors as close as possible. We can not guarantee exact color matches due to variances in computer monitors and printers.

Designs created on mobile devices are not acceptable and will incur art charges as they will need to be recreate

Digital Printing Files – 300 DPI resolution files in RGB colors works best in at least 10x10inches. Even though digital prints don’t have to be color separated we do suggest using the very best image possible.

Hand-Drawn Artwork– Hand drawn artwork is acceptable as long as it is black and white, using a black felt tip pen (not a ballpoint pen or pencil). Any traces of pencil marks need to be completely erased before submitting via email. Our team can add colors to the art once it had been submitted ( addtl art fees will apply)

Are images created on other T-Shirt Sites Acceptable? NO

Designs that you have or create from online sites can be used for reference only. Designs sent from other sites are unacceptable for artwork and will need to be recreated. It is not considered as art ready. Fonts will be matched closely as possible and images will be replaced with similar images. Art fee $45

Font matching- please convert your fonts to curves prior to sending your files. We can not spend hours trying to match fonts. If your looking for commercial free fonts try using the google fonts – https://fonts.google.com/

 Our Standard time for screen print orders is 10 business days, however if your art is ready to print we can get your job out in as few as 5 days.  Our facility is equipped with automatic and manual presses. We have the ability to print 1000’s of shirts a day and we can handle any size job. Our presses are available on a first pay basis and we are normally booked about 5 days out.  Some jobs are more complex and take more time to print, so always order  a few weeks in advance when possible.

We do offer rush service for basic stuff when available

Our rush service is for locals who need shirts t-shirts in 5 days or less and are able to pick up at our location.( sorry no rush shipping)

  • 4-5 Day Rush is 25% added to total

  • 3 day rush is 50% added to your total

  • Same Day Rush is double your total

Now that you understand the fees here’s some guidelines to rush ordering:

  • Your art must be print ready. see art requirements

  • limit print job to 2 ink colors

  • no oversize printing

  •  You must supply us with a job proof  – download this job proof form and submit it with your order

  •  Call or Text Latonna @ 972 664-4171  prior to submitting the order.

  • Once she approves you for rush printing  – Submit your order online and make your payment , she will then email you a invoice for the rush service that payment must also be made before printing starts


AND ARTWORK TO sales@rshirtshopdallas.com


LATONNA CAN BE REACHED @ (214)989-7177

Below are our standard print sizes. Most orders will be printed in the sizes below.
We will adjust your print size to fit your design. Tha T-Shirt Shop offers over-sized
printing and all-over printing at addtl cost. If you would like over-sized printing or an
un-usual print location , please call us to discuss your options.

Graphic Art Sizing:

Please design all final art to the actual product size desired.

* Standard Adult Full Chest: 10.5” x 11.5 ?

* Adult Back: 10.5in x 11.5

* Youth Full Chest: 9? x 9?

* Left Chest: 4” x 4”

* Sleeve Print: 1” x 4”

* Vertical Sleeve: 11.5” x 3”

* Vertical Leg Adult: 17” x 3”

* Vertical Leg Youth: 14” x 3”

* Short: 4”x 5”

* Short Seat: 2.5” x 10”

* Yoke 2” x 2”


Our minimum order for Screen Printing varies by the number of inks in your design.

1 color screen printed shirts have a 12 pc min. purchase requirement.

2-3 color screen printed designs have a 24 pc. min purchase requirement

4 color +  screen printed designs have a 36 pc min.purchase requirement


 You can mix colors sizes and products as long as the design is the same and the ink colors are the same.

We  don’t have minimims on subimation shirts you can buy just 1 or 100


Why do we have minimum purchases?

Alot of work goes into making your t-shirts. We use several printing techniques to achieve the perfect product for you. Our main printing technique is Screen printing. Screen printing is the oldest form of printing and is very cost effective when purchasing in bulk, but its a very strenuous process, Each color in your design & each print location needs a special screen to be created and each screen has to be printed one at a time on the shirt. Even though we have the help of machines screen printing is a manual process. Everything must be right  from art to production there are hours of work involved just to get your job ready to go to print, but once it does screen printing bulk orders is very competitive because we are using the same screens over and over again to create your design. This is how you save money!

We also use a few digital printing methods like Dye Sublimation Printing. Dye Sub is an awesome way to get full color prints with a very soft hand feel. Dye sub inks are expensive but because we have the help of wide format printers to print our designs it can be a much faster process. Dye Sublimation tees are a great way of printing very high quality prints . Dye sub does have its limitations and needs at least 50% polyester to get the best results. Our Dye Sub prints do not have minimums , so you can order just one. Just expect to pay a little more for the quality of the print and shirt. We also aren’t able to offer big discounts on our dye sub prints because it is a costly process .

Our team will work with you to determine the best printing method for your project. We will take your design and match it with the best t-shirt and printing method

NO, but our design team we can use it as a reference and create something similar. 

Designs that you have or create from online sites can be used for reference only. Designs sent from other sites are unacceptable for artwork. When you create a design on another site the art is usually copyrighted and your are only getting a picture of the design ,not a vector file. It’s not considered ready art, but we can use it as a reference to create something similar for a fee. If you want free art use our online designer the art comes over to us as vectors and is print ready in most cases.




T-Shirt Samples

 We have tons of t-shirt samples available for viewing in our Dallas Showroom.  The samples range from t-shirt fabrics, colors and print samples. There are some products that are not available in our showroom for viewing , those products are available as sample orders. You can request that we order a a sample of the product you are wishing to print on. You will be responsible for the cost of the sample and the shipping fees.


Digital Production Samples

When you place an order with us you will receive a digital job proof that shows what your t-shirts will look like once printed. This proof is a great representation of what your printed t-shirts will look like, the Proof includes your design , print location, approx. print size and ink colors used. We do not color match we use industry inks and provide a color chart for you o select ink colors from.

Check out our gallery to get an idea of the types of printing we do and to see our work.


Screen Printed Production Samples

There are times when you may want to get a production sample( actual printed t-shirt). If you would like a production sample you will need to make sure you order at least 3 weeks out. We do not offer production samples or proofs for rush jobs.

Production samples are $100 per color printed per location plus t-shirt cost, screen  fees and any art charges. Production samples are non refundable.

The cost of screen fees will be credited to you if you place an order.  The printing fee is not credited back to you.

Dye – Sublimation Production Samples

Dye- Sublimation Production Samples are available.the average cost of a Dye-sublimation shirt is $25 for 1 side .

Our screen printed shirts are made by running wet ink thru a stencil with your design on it. It sounds easy but  there is actually alot of work that goes into  the process and it’s ceratainly time consuming. Screen printing is a professional way of printing thats been around for 100’s of years.  The process is near permanent and your print will last as long as the shirt. 

You can create really cool prints using screen printing. We specialize in puff , metallics, fountain prints and more.  We are a leader in new techniques , so just tell us your needs and we can make it happen!  Screen printing is the most affordable print method when printing in bulk but when printing small numbers its costly do to al the prep work that goes into prepping the job. 

Our Dye sublimation printing is a fast & very accurate way of printing your items.  Dye sublimation items are printed using a wide format printer that has special inks. These inks permanently dye the fibers of your product when heat is applied.  

there are 2 types of Dye sublimation Methods we use.

Direct dye sublimation is used for items having at least 50% polyester content. 100% polyester shirts are best for a vibrant look and no fading. White of lighter color shirts are normally used. The inks are transparent and if your design had white in it it will have to come from a white shirts. Back shirts and dark garments can not be directly sublimated we must use a printable material and sublimate onto it them apply it to your garment to get the outcome that you want. It’s a very good way of getting dye sub onyo a deark garment and we are then able to use any garment you choose because you are not longer limited to polyester shirts .

We love it when you supply your own design but it has to be provided in the proper format to avoid art fees. If you have a simple 1 color design that is submitted as a vector or image formt of  300dpi  you can avoid art charges.   If your design or logo is multi colored and is not coor separated art charges will be applied. Avoid art charged by reading the section on how to provide print ready art.

We do not store screens or charge screen fees.  We keep proofs and art fies to expedite reorders. All reorders are billed at the new price quantity.

Yes , you can! We understand that sometimes you just need 1 item and that’s why we offer subimation printing.  The average cost of ordering 1 shirt is about $25 for a 1 sided print and $35 for 2 sides.  Order online here__________________

How Pricing Works?

Custom T-Shirt Pricing can vary widely based on a number of factors those include the types of shirts you want printed , the type of printing you request and the number of shirts you are needing.  We have put together some ordering tips to help you get the best bang for your buck!


Ordering Tips

  • White shirts are always cheaper than colored shirts and give you more printing options.

  • Sublimation can only be printed on shirts with at least 50% poly and shirts have to be white or light colored

  • Screen Printing can be done on any color of shirt, but there is a fee for each color printed on the shirt.

  • Printing on more colors on 1 side of a shirt is cheaper than printing multiple colors on both sidE

                    Use the Quick Order System to get pricing for your next project

Payments Options

All Custom Printed Merchandise must be paid in full prior to printing.

Our Pricing is based on a sliding scale , based on quantity ordered. The Prices you see
on most products are the base price of  blank t-shirts only. When you select a product
you will be should the price for white t-shirts. As you choose your options(ex.
Color,Sizes, printing & etc.) you will see the price increase or decrease.


Roberson Printing  offers the following online payment options :

1. Check-Out using A Credit Card or Debit Card. We accept Visa, Mastercard and
Discover Payments.

2. Check-Out using PayPal – No charge to you we pay all paypal fees.

3. Check-Out using the Call In Payments Option – there is a 3% service charge for call in

4. Mail in Payments – U.S Postal Money Order or Check

When Mailing a payment your payment must be received and Clear your bank prior to
your order being printed. If you choose this option – Please allow 14 days for your order
to be ready.

More Questions? Shoot us an email  Sales@tshirtshopdallas.com

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