Graphic Design

In-House Design Team


It all starts with a great design or logo. Whether you are just looking for quick design to put on custom t-shirts or looking to create the perfect logo for branding your products, we have a design team that can get the job done!

 Check out the type of art we  can create for you!

Vector Art Creation – this is used for most jobs with solid colors that do not have shading of gradient fills.

Halftone Art– this is the process of using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to create all the colors in your design.  The ink colors blend together to create all the shading and gradients to create the design. Its used for printing on white or very light colored garments. There are times when we add white as a 5th color to underbase darker shirts.  Art for this form of printing is normally very high resolution raster images

Hand Drawn Art – this form of screen printing is used for creating very complicated and complex designs on darker colored shirts.  We use Pantone inks in different halftone drops to create the final image

Logo Creations -Halftone printing uses shading, gradients and small, barely visible dots to create the desired design. It can help deliver a very realistic-looking print – especially on photos and other images.