Know your Inks!

There are a couple of things you should consider when choosing a screen printer. On the top of the list, should be INKS!

Yes, I said inks! You should know that there are specific types of inks that should be to print your garment correctly. It all starts with the fabric , there are basic inks for printing on cotton t-shirts, however they are definitely not all the same.

There are basically 2 type of inks used to screen print garments they are plastisol inks and waterbased inks.

We will discuss the pro’s and cons of both.

Plastisol ink  is the #1 choice of most screen printers because of it’s  great wash fastness,excellent opacity and vast ink options. Plastosl can be used to print on t-shirts, polos, pants, fleece, outerwear, sports uniforms , swim suits and more. There are special plastisol inks to print on polyester, nylon, leather, etc.  If your looking for bright colors, metallics, glitters , puff inks , even glow in the dark prints -plastisol inks can offer you endless possibilites add a a softner and its the perfect ink!Know your Inks

The best opacity inks are the most expensive, because of the amount of pigment they contain. Since, plastisol inks are printed wet on top of the shirts then cured, and the ink bonds with the fibers of the shirt creating a permanent bond that when printed and cured properly will not fade or flake. While you can feel the plastiol ink on the shirt, a good printer will print the shirts using the proper mesh counts for the inks to retain the softest hand possible. Adding a soft hand additive will give your shirts a much softer feel. You can not iron plastisol ink , it will cause the ink to melt.

The other ink used is Waterbased inks. Water based inks are desirable by those who do not want to feel the print on the shirt. Water based inks will dye the t-shirt color. The issue with waterbased inks is that it is normally used for light colored shirts as the colors are not bright and vibrant. Shirts printed using waterbased ink will also experience fading due to the fiber filberation. This type of printing while desirable for its softness , can not be printed on every type of shirt. If your looking for a soft faded or vinatage looking print waterbase inks will work great for you.

No matter what choice of ink you choose , it’s very important to have a printer that is knowledgeable in the different types of inks and knows  the best ink to match with fabrics. Oh and by the way , Its important that your printer knows his fabrics too!

Tha T-Shirt Shop is ran by master printers  and we know our stuff! Anyone learn to print ink on a shirt, but not everyone can guarantee you that they are giving you the best quality and print possible for your design and products.

When you choose us , you can rest assured that you are choosing the best!  Our team of Printers and Designers have over 25 yrs of experience in design , apparel , merchandising and printing. We continue to educate ourselves by attending industry trade shows and taking screen print related training.

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